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Airfreight is the fastest and safest transport alternative for a wide range of products. Even so, the exact transport needs often differ from one product to the next. With Handi Cargo Agency experience, care and know-how, you ensure the best possible transportation for all your cargo.

Product Features

To, from within and via our destinations, Handi Cargo Agency offers three types of products: Priority Cargo, General Cargo and Air Mail. Priority Cargo Priority Cargo is the fastest, simplest and most reliable way to send your packages.

Fast facts

Access to capacity -Handi Cargo Agency will always confirm bookings for Priority Cargo, even on flights where capacity is limited. only exception to this is when a flight is full with confirmed Priority bookings exclusively. -Late acceptance and early recovery -Priority Cargo export- and import handling times are shorter than for General Cargo, typically 60 to 120 minutes, depending on airport. LAT and TOA times are published to simplify planning. -Highest loading priority -Despite careful planning, last minute payload reductions cannot be totally avoided. In an offloading situation, Priority Cargo has the highest cargo loading priority and is therefore ‘last off’. -Quick transfer -To ensure a safe connection, Priority Cargo will continue to be handled during transfer at our destination hubs, by the dedicated quick transfer teams, when the transfer time is shorter than the minimum transfer time for General Cargo. -Network Priority Cargo is available to most of the destinations. Some destinations have however been excluded to ensure a consistently high level of reliability. Selected interline carriers cooperate with Handi Cargo Agency to provide additional reach to offline destinations. Sensible limitations -To ensure a prioritized and reliable performance, we need to limit some of the the commodities acceptable for Priority Cargo. Dangerous goods within the exception dry ice and biological specimens cannot be accepted; individual pieces weighing 150 kilos or more cannot be accepted on narrow-body aircraft.

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