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These Conditions of Carriage EXCLUDE LIABILITY on the part of TransHandlers and its employees or agents for loss, damage and delay in certain circumstances; LIMIT LIABILITY to stated amounts where liability is accepted and REQUIRE NOTICE OF CLAIMS within strict time limits. Senders should note these Conditions carefully and where necessary obtain insurance cover in order to protect their interests. Shipments are subject to local tariffs and the conditions of the TransHandlers subsidiary, branch or the independent contractor which accepted the Shipment.


Rates and service quotations by employees and agents of TransHandlers will be based upon information provided by the Sender but final rates and service may vary based upon the Shipment actually tendered and the application of these Conditions. TransHandlers is not liable for, nor will any adjustment, refund or credit of any kind be made, as a result of any discrepancy in any rate or service quotation made prior to the tender of the Shipment and the rates, and other Charges invoiced to the customer. TransHandlers will only provide estimates of customs duties and taxes through the Estimate Duties and Taxes feature on TransHandlers Global Trade Manager at transhandlers.com but final duties and taxes may vary. Rates applied shall be those rates applicable and in force at the time that the contract of carriage is made.

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